PBS SoCal 2019
Community Spotlight Award Winning Organization

PBS So Cal Fatherhood Commercial

PBS So Cal Fatherhood Commercial


Building next generation leaders by encouraging father/ male engagement in education and community settings!


Our vision is to ensure that education systems acknowledge the importance of father/ male engagement by providing programs designed for fathers to play an active role in their child's education!


"  My personal life goal is that children are equipped with the necessary resources to lead successful lives, by empowering fathers to play an active role in their child's academic development.  Our mission is to support children and families who may not have access to high quality education, food, and other life essential resources.  By building strong corporate and community partnerships is our way of leveling the playing field, so children who may feel "left out" or value themselves as "less than" are empowered to chase their dreams." 


Donald P. Williams III&