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Developing Accountable D.A.D's

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Building Next Generation Leaders by Supporting Male Engagement

in Education and Community Settings!


Due to the overwhelming statistics and negative effects of fatherless homes; we founded the D.A.D Project so education systems, child development centers, charter schools, and community centers can provide education based programs for fathers and their children. 

What we've learned with over 10 years of education work experience is that fathers/ male role models will go above and beyond for their children.  children's who's Fathers are actively involved in their academic development are twice as likely to pursue higher education and gain stable employment after high school. 

The D.A.D Project offers a safe spaces and comprehensive programming that give fathers the opportunity to discuss strength based parenting styles and develop skills necessary to support their children's academic development.  All of our programs support the Parent, Family and Community Engagement (PFCE) Framework to encourage the developmental outcomes for children.


Click the link below to learn more about how we can provide a space for fathers in your program, while supporting your parent engagement program mandates! 

DAD Project Slidell City Council

DAD Project Slidell City Council

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Doing Homework

Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework

Systemic, integrated, and comprehensive PFCE begins with positive, goal-oriented relationships. PFCE focuses first on the family and child outcomes that it is designed to achieve.

In line with the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF), the overarching outcomes that virtually all programs strive for are that children are:

  • Safe

  • Healthy and well

  • Learning and developing

  • Engaged in positive relationships with family members, caregivers, and other children

  • Ready for school

  • Successful in school and life