Our Program & Activities

- Ages and Stages of Development                    - Man Cave (Social and Emotional)      

- Health and Nutrition (ECE, K-12)                     -  Themed School Readiness Workshops

- Parent Engagement (ECE, K-12)                     -  Community Collaborative Events

- D.A.D Project Activity Calendars                      - Many More!




We train and provide support     services for teachers and administration staff at schools or centers.  D.A.D Project offers comprehensive programming designed to support the needs of fathers/ father figures.

What we do

We have developed programs specific to the needs of fathers/male role models, to help promote the value of fatherhood and provide support for fathers seeking unique resources. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of the community by providing workshops and trainings for fathers and their families. D.A.D Project collaborates with Early Childhood Education/ Public, Charter Schools and Community Centers to create a Male Engagement Program for their community.